The Graduate Program in Gerontology (PPGGero) of the Federal University of São Carlos is an Academic Master’s Program accredited by Capes in 2016. It has Gerontology as area of concentration and two research lines:

  • Health, Biology and Aging
  • Operation, Technology and Innovation in Gerontology


Strengthen research, formation and practice in Gerontology in Brazil, in order to promote substantial improvement in the field related to the human aging.


Arise as a Program that stimulates the consolidation of significant kinds of research with national and international impact.


Theoretically and methodologically, train the graduate student to perform as professor and to start the researching career, producing knowledge in Gerontology and making it accessible to the scientific community and the population. The course aims to enable professionals in the area of Gerontology to perform as:

• Research professors of undergraduate Gerontology majors in public and private institutions, including Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition, Physical Education, Psychology, Biology, Administration, Law, Education, Social Sciences, Social Service, among other majors;

• Researchers facing the elderly people’s reality, integrating scientific investigation and community action interdisciplinary groups;

• Managers able to assist specific demands in the area of aging, contributing to the formulation of public policies, development of assistive technology and management of health services aimed at the care of the elderly population.